Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

[rate 4.5]

No one makes Mike laugh like Jack Black. There’s Orange County, and the spoof on Lord of the Rings from the MTV Movie Awards where Jack Black is playing Frodo and he tries the ring on his…let’s just say, “not his finger” and it gets stuck.

The Mini’s liked the movie too. It’s not only Jack Black that makes the movie fun to watch. The action scenes are very exciting, well-spaced, and not too violent.

The animation is beautiful. The entire first 10 minutes looks like a Japanese print technique called hanga, which I can’t explain, but it’s my very favorite style of Japanese print.

There was a part where the antagonist Tai Lung the snow leopard, played by Deadwood’s (effin’) Ian McShane, is breaking out of prison. And he’s mean. And evil. And (effin’) Ian McShane.*

So he’s breaking out and Minimike is crawling all over me, whispering, “Mommy, I’m scared. Mommy, I’m scared.” I’m holding her tight and she peeks out as Tai Lung is fighting his way out of the abyss. Then she whispered in awe,

I think he is my favorite character!

*For the non-fans, Deadwood is all about the “effin’,” which is a shame because otherwise I would recommend it. It’s just a really good show, because of and despite the language.

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      I am not sure I want to see Kung Fu Panda. Again it is another story about “Asians” yet the main character is Caucasian. When do we get to tell out own stories? Ok, this might be something again for my own blog.

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      You are absolutely right that Asians are stereotyped and mis/under-represented in the literary, performance and visual arts.

      However, this is not an Asian story, any more than Pocohontas was a Native American story. It’s a kung fu story set in some Chinese-ish cartoonland.

      More importantly, it’s about universal characteristics of bravery, discipline, and high expectations. Two of the fighters (Tigress – Angelina Jolie and Viper – Lucy Liu) are female, which is a plus for the Mini’s.

      As far as who’s telling whose story, while the writers don’t have Asian names, the art and music direction are heavy on the Asian. But if they’re Asian-American, or Filipino rather than Chinese, does that negate their point of view?

      I appreciate that because of your job you have a high level of responsibility in what projects you can publicly endorse. But, please make your boycott count by contributing the movie ticket price to programs that support Asian artists or by offering alternatives to your patrons who would otherwise take their kids to see it.

      As far as children’s movies set in Asia, at our house the favorite would easily be My Neighbor Totoro, with subtitles, not the Dakota Fanning voiceover.

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