I am not a crier-mocker

This post is dedicated to Jenn-the-Crier. I, too, am a crier. Not a very good one, as it was not encouraged in my family. Criers were rarely ever offered comfort. My father would pat me twice on the back, saying, “You’re okay,” and that was all. That is still my first instinct when I see someone crying, but eventually I […]


Not mine, Minimike’s. Graduation ceremonies are, let’s face it, tedious affairs. But preschool graduations are mercifully short and pretty entertaining. Minimike had been practicing for weeks. The whole class was divided into groups of four and got to stand at the front of the stage and wear costumes during their particular song. Minimike and her pals got “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.” (see pic […]

how not to kill a wasp

“Well, Laine, that was…heroic. I have been trying to kill it all morning and have been unsuccessful. You have killed it and for that I thank you. Now please tell me how your thesis argument has evolved.”

social networking questions

It occurs to me that sooner or later I will be back on the job market. Sooner, Mike hopes. So I’m starting to play with social networking software and I’m just at a loss as to how to use it and which services to use. I have had stagnant Facebook, Plaxo, and LinkedIn accounts for a few years. Does Twitter […]

I Do Doodle