Sorry, IE users

I just checked and in IE my yogurt post puts the entire page in boxes, not just the key words. Sorry, IE users. Y’know, you can alert me anytime – hey, Laine, what’s with the boxiness? And I will say, “IE does not play well with others. Besos!” I am so amused by Go Fug Yourself’s J-Lo entries I have […]

you scream like…

…a little boy. Minimike, watching Minime take out her earrings: Does it hurt? Minime: No, not really. When you first get them it hurts for a second. Like a Lola Pinch. Minimike: I never want to get my ears pierced! Minime: It’s really not that bad. Minimike: Did you scream like a little boy? Rachel Tortellini* saw a bee and […]

For the love of yogurt

Minimike went to a classmate’s birthday party the other night. She insisted on typing her own birthday message on the labels and sticking them on the present herself. She’s wonderfully self-sufficient. Tonio I love you Minimike At the top she made a label that said, “Yogurt!” Which is exactly how Mike won my heart. If I didn’t have so many […]

While I am out of doodles

Sorry for stagnant bloggage. Go have fun on Joel’s blog. He’s been very postilicious lately. Come back to Texas Joel’s welcome-back-Sharon-and-Robert post invites you to add your own “_______” wants you back” line to the Bowling for Soup song, “Come back to Texas.” [audio:] That song was playing as I was driving away from our house in College Station for […]

Downtime – reading for fun

It feels wrong to spend my spare time on things I do in my work life. When I was in museums, it seemed absurd to go to a museum in my spare time. Now that I read all the time, it seems like I should give my eyes a rest. But if I wouldn’t have worked in a museum if […]


How I spent my Spig Bek: I’ve been honing my sleepwriting skills. I write, take a nap, write again, print, read, and write some more. My first two drafts read like 5 people wrote it, 3 of whom were falling asleep while writing. It’s pretty awful. But I have to send it to my advisor, shame or no. Needs must. […]

I Do Doodle