Computers is hard

Computers is hard

Recently, Lori turned me on to Download Squad and I’m loving it. I was overjoyed to learn about Safari for PC (Has anyone else tried it? Opinions?)

On Tuesday Download Squad ran an amusing story that pitted TSA v. Mac. Since my brief stint publishing domestic preparedness manuals with REEX, my frustration with how countless work-hours and pages of information and technology gets distilled, ignored, and misconstrued reaches a boiling point when I have to present my plastic baggie to airport security. (For a well-articulated discussion, read the brilliant The Airport Security Follies.)

Now I want a MacBook air just so I can stick it in a ziploc and have the agents gingerly pick it up by the corners with their gloved hands and gaze suspiciously at it. And I want it videoed in a non-Mac compatible format so my Mac friends can be unable to watch it and possibly avoid the same scrutiny.

No offense, Mac
While I try to avoid political debate, I find myself engaged in equally polarizing and impassioned Mac v PC discussions. One of my classmates who is going to grad school in the fall asked my advice on what she should get. The anomaly of my being a PC-wielding academic and publications designer makes me a good person to ask, I guess. Plus, to her, I’m ancient, and therefore, wise. I’ve worked with both platforms and I love both, so I gave her my usual complicated and ambiguous answer which I will not delve into here. So maybe I didn’t help her at all. Babbling is what makes us old people endearing.

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