Twisted Easter

Twisted Easter

P3230043Happy Easter!
Minime has been fighting a cold so we skipped church. Mike says that makes us NonCheasters, which is fine with him, because it makes him grumpy to squish into the pews with the Cheasters.

Skipping the Cheaster service allowed more time for Mike to cook and me to work on the egg hunt. Why have a simple egg hunt when one can also train the Mini’s to be Tito Joel’s backup Amazing Race partner in case he leaves Tito John in Malaysia?

P3230023For our Twisted Easter Sisters’ Egg Hunt I took a ball of yarn and tied Enchanted in the middle and hid it in the dining room table. The ends of the yard were wound onto water bottles and strung around the first floor – in closets and around furniture – and went out to the yard where they could collect their eggs, and back in through the front door. Along the string I hid prizes.

These lambs were in the closets. Mike likes them because they look slightly worried.* I like them because I cannot resist gingham. And because Bethany has frightened me with her diatribe against Target’s disembodied chick heads.**

P3230031Of course Minimike managed to spin the game so that I was the one spooling the string while she and Spenser ran circles around me. I got delayed several times from having to untangle the Geriatric Wunder Hund that is Spenser.

Minime said it was the best Easter ever. And really, how could it not, when we had Star Wars-motifed eggs to accent the table? Courtesy, of course, of Cav ‘n’ Hawkes, who couldn’t spend Easter with us because they had ta go da LawwnGuyland. That was authentic, no? I’ve been practicing.

*Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarice?
**Think that’s scary? Check out Janel’s Peeps Dioramas. Peeps are gross enough as a food product, much less a diorama building material.

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      Ain’t nothing wrong with Peeps. And why you gotta suppress the creativity of others like that??

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      ‘Cause I gotta suppress my gag reflex when I think of Peeps. The texture is all wrong. It’s rough, it’s tough, then, surprise! It’s squishy. And maybe expanding. And maybe I will then be suffocated from within.

      And they’re shaped like birds.

      But it’s mostly a texture issue.

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