There is no try

There is no try

P3080029I know! It’s Yoda! But don’t worry; he could totally get out of the plexi case if he wanted to.

Every time Minime grouses about how she wants to quit Girl Scouts I remind her of these special outings. Not everyone can spend the night in a zoo or on the cold hard floor of the Franklin Institute. As ours is not a family of campers, this may be the closest she ever gets to “roughing it.”

What’s more, Friday was supposed to be a school holiday but because of the February snow days Friday was a school day. BFF was also signed up to go so I called BFF’s mom, Margaret, and we agreed to take the girls out of school early

franklinmillslogo1.gif…and spend the afternoon at Franklin Mills. The moms get to shop, the kids get to play, it’s a win-win-hush-hush (the shopping is off the record, of course.)

It’s a good thing we left early, because the heavens emptied out all over us. Our troop didn’t leave until after school and were more than an hour behind us, with turnpike traffic the whole way. Yukk.

This year the Franklin Institute’s camp-in had a hundred boy- and girl-scouts spend Friday night wandering around the museum to different labs, trying to catch a criminal using fingerprint and dna samples. This is Minime and BFF watching a demonstration of DNA identification.
P3070014Of course, this makes for a very late night. When we finally arrived at our last event, an 11:00pm IMAX show, Minime was exhausted to tears and wanted to go home. It was incredibly sad but there wasn’t anything to be done but get through the show and get into our sleeping bags as quickly as possible.

Seven hours later, we were back on schedule and in the Planetarium. The program ended at 9:30am but we stayed to catch the “Star Wars: Where Science Meets the Imagination” exhibit. Minime got to program an R2-type robot and take a simulated landspeeder drive. We missed the Millenium Falcon cockpit but we will pick that up when we go back before the exhibit closes.

P3110005P3080036Both the Mini’s love Star Wars. We bought a Chewbacca lovey for Minimike to make her feel better about being left behind for the weekend with Mike. We didn’t get Mike anything to make him feel better about being left behind for the weekend with Minimike, though.*

otb_logow.gifOn the way home I introduced Margaret and BFF to the joys of On the Border. Of course, native Texans may put their noses in the air at the thought of On the Border, but this ain’t Texas and On the Border is just heavenly after a month of pierogies and a forty-minute drive through the apocalyptic-grade torrent that threatened to overflow the Schuylkill.

Mmmm, Chimichanga. I feel like Letterman. Chewbacca, Chimichanga. Chimichanga, Chewbacca. Chewie, Chimi. Chimi, Chewie… (I even have strategically placed product placement!)

*We intend to use Chewbacca in a revival of the Mini Puppet Theatre. The Mini’s have already informed me that I DO NOT get to play Princess Leia. They’re making me play Yoda and Chewbacca. I never get to play the princess. Fine. I’ll just throw them in the attic while they fight over who gets to play Princess Leia. Then I’ll ask the mini’s why Chewbacca carries a purse, because that makes them really mad. “Moooommmm! Stop that! It’s NOT a purse! Aaaargh!”

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