Computers is hard

Recently, Lori turned me on to Download Squad and I’m loving it. I was overjoyed to learn about Safari for PC (Has anyone else tried it? Opinions?) On Tuesday Download Squad ran an amusing story that pitted TSA v. Mac. Since my brief stint publishing domestic preparedness manuals with REEX, my frustration with how countless work-hours and pages of information […]

Twisted Easter

Happy Easter! Minime has been fighting a cold so we skipped church. Mike says that makes us NonCheasters, which is fine with him, because it makes him grumpy to squish into the pews with the Cheasters. Skipping the Cheaster service allowed more time for Mike to cook and me to work on the egg hunt. Why have a simple egg […]

Lola’s pinch

As you can imagine, St. Patrick’s Day in the Northeast is front page news. The Mini’s were both very insistent that everyone wear green today. Minimike has been asking daily for the last two weeks whether or not it was St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know what they learn in school about St. Patrick’s Day, but I do know what […]

Minime’s quandary

Since this was the Big Conference weekend, Mike and the girls drove up to support me. Actually, Mike drove up to support me. The Mini’s came along because they love to stay in hotels.* Hotels are both art and science in our family. For breakfast I take the room trays downstairs, pile everything up and take it back to the […]

There is no try

I know! It’s Yoda! But don’t worry; he could totally get out of the plexi case if he wanted to. Every time Minime grouses about how she wants to quit Girl Scouts I remind her of these special outings. Not everyone can spend the night in a zoo or on the cold hard floor of the Franklin Institute. As ours […]

breaking the sad habit

I steeled myself to be very sad today. I know that’s not healthy, but whatever. Everybody has their issues.* Mike and Minime have been play chess every night this week – Mike’s on Spig Bek – and I was thinking last night how pleasantly surprised my dad would be if he knew Minime loves chess so much. Today I had […]

complete sentences, please

anime stunned face To prepare for my ’09 language exam I meet weekly with Prof. Sensei to practice Japanese translation. I got to order a kanji dictionary, because apparently I can never have too many foreign language dictionaries. The learning curve has been steep. My minimal kanji repertoire has sped looking up words, but I may lose my eyesight before […]

I Do Doodle