sleep deprivation

I’ve been working on a catalogue for my department’s upcoming conference. Which I am president of. Even though I promised Mike I would not volunteer for it at all because it’s so much work. Somehow my hand flew up and I became president. Now, no sleep for Laine until the catalogue is done. This morning I woke up 30 minutes […]

climate envy

from Lori: In my mind, Crawfish = Spring, so I love the idea of sitting down to a few pounds of the spicy critters! *shifting in fleece blanket and wincing painfully at crackles of electrostatic shock* I remember Spring. I miss Spring. I stumbled across a lovely Houston article last week. I had Mark’s crème brûlée once. Fantastic. *quietly sobbing*

party like it’s 1999

It was a three-party weekend for Minime’s birthday. We partied like it was 1999.* Celebration I: Class Party This year I asked Minime to choose a few of her friends to invite to the house for a party. Minime didn’t want any of her friends to feel left out so she wanted to have a class party too. Class parties […]

Another breakup

Gung Hay Fat Choy, everyone! The Year of the Rat is predicted to be 50/50 lucky for Pigs, which kind of explains my course crisis resolution. The upside: commuting one day a week, taking one less course, sleeping more. The downside: the breakup, especially given my documented bad breakup record. I didn’t think there was going to be a breakup […]

But…that IS a bag.

But…that IS a bar. From an old episode of Cheers: Diane standing by the bar reminiscing to Woody about her ballet days and doing exercises at the barre. Woody: But, that IS a bar. Diane: No, Woody, I mean a ballet barre. Woody: But, that IS a bar. Today I was at Target, all kinds of excited about their reusable […]


This morning wasn’t looking good. It was raining, not freezing rain, but still foggy and rainy. I had to lead a class discussion on Lefebvre, who I understand to an extent until he goes into his neo-Marxist rant, which gives me about 17 out of 65 pages to discuss competently. When I got to my parking lot I dug around […]

super superbowl foods

Superbowl parties are more fun than the superbowl I don’t like to watch sports on TV. I’m a fair weather fan. I don’t even really care about the commercials or the halftime show. I readily admit I’m in it for the food. Pat & Jennifer host the annual party in these parts. Pat has been a Giants fan his whole […]

I Do Doodle