It all started with the Christmas socks

As I got dressed yesterday morning I put on my socks and thought, “if I had to go to the hospital…” the hospital myth I don’t have any specific memories of my mother warning about this, but it has always been an anxiety of mine. I’ve imposed that anxiety on Mike for years without him knowing – secretly throwing away […]

Outlook a la Pollock

This was supposed to be my Semester Lite but my color-coded Outlook calendar is starting to look like a Jackson Pollock. Mike and I have uploaded our stuff to Google Calendar to maintain our home version of “No Child Left Behind.”* It’s equally Pollock-y. The exhibit I’ve been helping with opens on Thursday. I have to miss the opening but […]

I can look at my ring again, maybe

Last year in my mini-review of Blood Diamond, I mentioned that I could never look at my engagement ring in the same way again. (Or Leonardo DiCaprio. Yowza!) But I digress. Frank just alerted me to this. According to the Diamond Class Action Settlement website, consumers have until May 19 to file a claim and be awarded a percentage of […]

Peanut-free trail mix

This is a very flexible recipe. The only non-negotiable is that the container should have a tight seal, otherwise there will be a big mess. 8 oz banana chips 12 oz dried pineapple chunks 4 oz roasted salted sunflower kernels 8 oz raisins 8 oz pretzels (Sourdough Nibblers) 2 oz semisweet chocolate chips 2 oz white chocolate chips Put all […]

Cheesesteak corner

The Mini’s and I gave Mike a workday on Saturday and took off to Philly to hang out with Joel, who was in town for the ALA conference. His story is here. I asked Joel what he wanted to do, as it was only his second visit and had already seen the Liberty Bell. Cheesesteaks. Wha? Joel had heard of […]

Three good things

Schwan’s Mexican Style Supreme Pizza I love for people to bring me food. Mike says I just have a crush on our delivery guy, who we call SchwanJohn. But there are other reasons to love this pizza: Tortilla chips sprinkled on top 2 for $11 I admit that SchwanJohn is a cutie. But so does Mike. And Mike is an […]

They Named Names!

Mike here, announcing myself since I’ve never posted and y’all should know from the start that you’re in different hands. Our picture was in the local paper today–I probably wouldn’t even have noticed because I’m generally lolling through life, but our friends called to let us know and said, well, that there was a concern. And yeah, there was. Eyes […]

Happy NuuNuu!

I don’t remember which one, but one of the Minis used to wish everyone “Happy NuuNuu.” (I’m sure it’s written down somewhere in my pile of journals.) I asked the family if they have any goals for 2008. Minimike wants to grow big enough to be a cheerleader. Minime wants to write and illustrate some books, and learn to play […]

I Do Doodle