Merry Christmas Reunion

As much as we grouse about the places we have to be and things we have to do while we’re traveling, it’s so worth the trouble to visit with old friends when we’re back in Texas. U of Houston reunion Mike and I took the girls to Jeff & Carrie’s church. We always knew Jeff was a good guy but […]

Merry Flippin’ Christmas!

On the Flip side of Christmas, while the kids opened presents, the adults speculated on how we would perform as “Amazing Race” contestants. We agreed that cousins Joel and John would be by the far the most interesting team, since Joel speaks Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, and goodness knows what else. John speaks…”Shoot first, ask questions later.” Frank does […]

Merry Christmas!

Yes, our card is on the way. Sorry! Yes, it’s very late this year. We wrote, printed, folded, and embellished ’em, then got hit with the lazies and didn’t mail ’em. If we didn’t see you over the holidays it’s on its way. If I don’t have your address, feel free to send it to me via the “Contact” link. […]

This is why I Netflix

Mike and I had dinner and a movie the other night. Not, according to my friend Emil, “Dinner (that you heat up in the microwave) and a movie (that you rented from Netflix).” Real dinner at Ninfa’s (yum!) and Atonement at the River Oaks. I was OD’ing on nostalgia, remembering when I saw Rocky Horror for the first time, then […]

It’s a Paper Donut Christmas Miracle!

Our first year away I sent pre-wrapped Christmas presents home with my mom when she visited for the summer. After some rough baggage handling and 5 months in a coat closet, they looked rather sad by the time Christmas rolled around. Last year I sent pre-wrapped Christmas presents via USPS. They arrived late. This year I sent pre-wrapped Christmas presents […]

Dr. Beavis

While we’re on the subject of medical procedures… While at the plastic surgeon’s office to check on Minime’s softball scar, Minime noticed a breast implant on his desk and asked what it was. The doctor’s response was to snicker uncomfortably. Are you kidding me? How old are you, Beavis? Do you want to throw in some armpit farts and boob […]

Gross but oddly fascinating

Minime had surgery yesterday to remove an extra tooth. She did very well and has not been in very much pain. The worst part for her was waking up. She was very disoriented and several times asked me tearfully, “Mommy, am I supposed to be asleep or awake?” She’s Mike’s kid – totally bound to routine. For her, waking up […]

I Do Doodle