natural beer goggles

Sleep: Nature’s Beer Goggles I’ve been a horrible human being lately. Not in a criminal way, but I believe that even a little unkindness delivered at the wrong place and time to the wrong person can hurt someone’s soul. I’m too ashamed to give specific examples, but suffice it to say that I have not been holding back on loathing […]

Game Journal: Ticket to Ride (Europe)

Ticket to Ride: Europe Mommy v. Minime Final Score: Minime, 126; Mommy 125; Minimike: disqualified* Ouch! Routes completed: Minime: Brest – Petrograd Paris – Zagrab London – Wien Brest – Marseille Zagrab – Brindisi Smolensk – Rostov Mommy: Lisboa – Danzic Essen – Kyiv Amsterdam – Wilno Zurich – Budapest Frankfurt – Kobenhavn Rematch: TBA. But there will be a […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Status We’re about done with prep here. Mike made six pies! Apple, Blueberry, Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Pecan, and Pumpkin. The Mini’s are watching the Macy’s parade for the first time ever. They are trying to catch glimpses of The Jonas Brothers, Ashley Tis My part is dinner rolls (hand-rolled by the Mini’s, of course), mozzarella sticks, salad, and mashed […]


A dear friend from college passed away on Saturday after a difficult and courageous battle with leukemia. Joel lived down the hall from me and worked summers with Mike and I on Orientation Team. He introduced me to Bailey’s and convinced me to stop using Carmex, already, and got a friend to sing in Russian for me because I loved […]


Wicked by Gregory Maguire book [rate 4] musical soundtrack [rate 4] A recent episode of Ugly Betty had Betty and boyfriend Henry trying to have a secret date at at the musical Wicked. The music was quite catchy so I downloaded the soundtrack* and now I’m hooked. So are the mini’s. Minimike has been going around singing, “When someone needs […]

Alas, coffee’s rhinal journey

BBeams posted this review of the 986 page book, The Collected Works of Kahlil Gibranon her site. If you don’t know Kahlil Gibran you may not appreciate this at all. I only know of him because I had to read one of his works at Allie’s wedding. I rehearsed it quite laboriously to make sure each word had just the […]

Ha, ha. Very funny.

Okay, which one of you wise guys turned my daemon into a spider? I’m on the honor system that I won’t change it myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask Mike to do it. Follow up to the Golden Compass hysteria Here’s another response to’s “Pullman wants to kill God: TRUE!” (my rewording) entry to consider, attributed to […]

How NEPA are you?

In a recent episode of The Office, Michael asked if there was a difference between “Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe” and “Pizza By Alfredo.” When I yelled, “Yeah! Are you kidding me?” at the tv, It occurred to me how NEPA I have become over the last two years. Although I’ve never eaten at either place, I’m NEPA enough to say NEPA […]

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