Chicken Show

Taking a break from Frankaren commentary… For this year’s fall foliage hunt we accompanied Minime’s Brownie troop to Roba’s Tree Farm, which is just an extravaganza of autumness. It’s been so dry this summer and hot this month that the tree leaves are kind of dull so we still don’t have a 2007 fall photo. Not that it would have […]

Knock, knock, who’s there?

DSC00324.JPG Originally uploaded by Tito Eddy Minimike laughed and laughed at this photo. “Tita Christine is so funny! Tito Frank tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around and didn’t see anyone so she turned around on the other side and saw him! Hahahahaha!” Notice Minime is in the back dancing like her father, while Minimike remained attached to […]

New features

Frankareness Looking for more talk of The Wedding? Frankaren commentary is now only a click away with the addition of a new feature, “Frankareness,” available from the blogroll (“linkiness”). Who tossed that? This was inspired by Joel’s photo of the carpet after the send-off gauntlet where Frankaren ran amidst a shower of rose petals, and, apparently, a q-tip. (Click thumbnail […]

Small world, big baby

On the day we were to fly to Houston I dropped off Mike and Minime to check in the baggage while Minimike and I took the minivan to the long-term lot. While we were on the shuttle Mike called to ask, “Do we know an Anna F?” “Yes,” I say. Curious. As it turns out, Anna F. goes to our […]

Off topic: validation for editors

For those of you who have had it UP TO HERE with wedding talk, might I recommend The author is a “Miss Manners” for writers – a great resource! Her 10/11 entry is on the ubiquitous misuse of quotes. Can I get an “Amen” from the choir?

Thanks to Top Chef, a perfect wedding

Beautiful. Just beautiful. After all their pathologically insane wedding planning, their 6-page wedding rehearsal spreadsheets in military time, the registries, their “can you dye the girls’ shoes Pantone 12-0104?”* Frank & Karen managed to create the most beautiful wedding I have ever experienced. I wish I could describe exactly what it looked like, but when the Houston Boychoir started singing, […]

More wedding belles

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