Heroes! Yatta!

Heroes! Yatta!

I only have one complaint about the heroes season premiere. I really don’t see how the gaijin Kensei can be a good thing.

And George Takei! Oh nooooooo!

This is not as much as complaint as a perplexion:

Which part of Ireland were the three hoodlums from?

Perhaps we could ask the dialogue coach.

Idodoodle: So, what kind of Irish accent is that?
Dialogue Coach: Ah, y’knoow. It’s en aahcsent of me own makin’ lass.
Idodoodle: Are you Scottish as well?
DC: Someone’s always after me loucky charrrrrmmmzz!
Idodoodle: …and a pirate too. Well, thanks for your time.
DC: Aye, matey.
Idodoodle: Riiiight.

Until next week. Yatta!

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