Officially UnCheastering

Officially UnCheastering

Minime's 3rd grade Bible presentationAs of September 30 we will no longer be Cheasters. After careful prayer and consideration, we’ve made the decision to officially join our church, which is a huge relief. The girls are so happy there. They hug their teachers when they see them and it’s not a chore to get them up on Sunday morning.

Our church has an annual tradition of presenting 3rd and 7th graders with Bibles. Minime was so excited and surprised to receiver hers. (We actually should have not made it a surprise because she didn’t know why her name was being called and we had to coax her onto the stage.)

Mike and I will still listen to the Central sermons online and one of our friends wants to start a Bible study group with some other faculty members’ families.

Non sequitur: Barbie Store

This is what’s been sitting in my living room for a couple of days. The Minis claim it’s a store that sells Barbies but it looks so creepy – like a ritual sacrifice by the premodern inhabitants of King Kong’s island.
Barbie StoreSisters

I’m just including this shot because Minime’s working that Vogue look and Minimike, well, this is a good shot of her new haircut.

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      I’m glad you decided to “settle”. I’m also glad you are still listening to Chris. By the way, I sometimes doodle around and check on Jeff. I saw he has just made the move to Westbury. I’m really excited for him. Transitions can be difficult but this is probably a very good move for him. Westbury is very fortunate to have him.
      Anyway, I digress. I love Minime’s Vogue look. She’s very poised. Minimike just gets all those typical kidfaces. Which is what makes her so cute. The store? Well, that looks a little scary!!

      I’m counting down the days!!

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      The store is a little creepy. Do the girls have any ethnic dolls?

      BTW I went to Westbury when Jeff answered his calling there. He was pretty good. I regret moving to SA and missing an opportunity to hear sermons more to my liking. My momma wants to know how close I will live to Hagee’s church.

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      G’mommy & J: Yes, we are very happy for Jeff & Carrie! Westbury and RTBC have very close ties also, as you know, so it’s a bonus blessing!

      J: 1) We should all go to Westbury when we’re in town on the same weekend! Reunion! 2) I had to look up Hagee. 3) The girls don’t sell sistahs in the store, only white girls. Not really. The only ethnic dolls they have are Pocahontas, Mulan, and the big-lipped-ethnically-ambiguous Bratz dolls.

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      No Dora??? :))

      Please explain RTBC. I might be having a “senior moment” but for the life of me I don’t know.

      I have only heard Jeff twice..prayer at your wedding and at Mary Beth’s funeral. But, I know his heart and he has pretty good friends (I may be a little prejudiced about his friends!). Some things you just know about people and I KNOW that Jeff is a very fine pastor.

      BTW, I knew who Hagee is!!

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      The Mini’s don’t consider Dora a doll. More like a tiny sister, or a minion.

      RTBC=Rice Temple Baptist Church

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      translated: I feel so stupid!!

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