Heroes! Yatta!

I only have one complaint about the heroes season premiere. I really don’t see how the gaijin Kensei can be a good thing. And George Takei! Oh nooooooo! This is not as much as complaint as a perplexion: Which part of Ireland were the three hoodlums from? Perhaps we could ask the dialogue coach. Idodoodle: So, what kind of Irish […]

Dream: Undergroomed

Last year toward mid-semester I had anxieties about overgrooming my eyebrows. Now the semester has hardly begun and I’m already concerned. I dreamt that I had just tweezed my eyebrows and when I got up the next morning they were back. Like, Ugly Betty back.


My friend Lori posted this link. A while back I quoted Oswald Chambers’ admonition to not pray like a jellyfish. Sometimes I distill heartfelt and faith-filled prayer into simply “thinking good thoughts.” This post, “What I mean when I say pray,” is a lovely analogy of how prayer is so much more. I hope it blesses your life also. Thanks […]

Officially UnCheastering

As of September 30 we will no longer be Cheasters. After careful prayer and consideration, we’ve made the decision to officially join our church, which is a huge relief. The girls are so happy there. They hug their teachers when they see them and it’s not a chore to get them up on Sunday morning. Our church has an annual […]

Hometown celebration

This Sunday our borough celebrated its sesquicentennial. Minime marched with the Girl Scouts. Their troop leader didn’t want them to throw candy so they gave out dog biscuits instead. Minimike and I marched with our church. Minimike didn’t want to give out candy, just hold the bags in her stroller. She started to fall asleep but we were right in […]

Dial carefully

Dear Custodial Parent who left a message for Noncustodial Parent on Sunday night: You called the wrong number. Maybe you didn’t listen to the greeting, or maybe I sound a lot like your ex’s new girlfriend. I don’t know. What I do know is that you are going out of town for a week and your kid needs to be […]

Pen state

For years I’ve checked weather.com in the morning for the temperature and then asked Mike what I should wear anyway. He always replies (jokingly!), “something sexy. slinky.” My follow-up question is then, “will it be cold?” (I have a comfortable temp range of about 4 degrees, but I don’t know what the numbers are.) Yesterday he said, “It will be […]

A Birthday Story

The party Minimike had been planning for months to host her birthday party at #3 on the Toddler Axis of Evil. No matter how obnoxious the venue, it’s hard to be grumpy about it when the kids so obviously have a great time. The excitement began when Minimike blew out her candles… …and immediately took off with pal “Hawkes” for […]

I Do Doodle