Dream: misplaced body-prison

Ever since last semester’s adminstrative snafu that I can’t go into right now, I get anxious about running into the body-prison professor. You remember. I called him a loser in class? And the awkwardness keeps coming. It’s not overt, thank goodness, but there’s always the awkward undertone.* Last night, I dreamed that we were attending a lecture and I was […]

Alice in Wonderland

Minime performed in her first play this weekend as part of a kids’ summer theater workshop. Iin the first act, each of the actors had to present a Shel Silverstein poem. Minime looked so small and scared and kept losing her place in “Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out.” I was so anxious for her, but […]

Becoming Jane

[rate 4] This is my favorite movie right now. I only give it four stars because its appeal is so limited to a small sector of Jane Austen fans – the ones who love the movies and can sacrifice die hard accuracy for romantic smushiness. Even my friend Jennifer, whose research interests lie in revisionist literature (I don’t know the […]

Big gomi

Mike and I finally got around to renovating the treasures we got from last year’s Big Gomi Week. Here is Minime’s desk, after some cleaning and paint: We were saying how much we sure could use another Big Gomi day. Of course, Mike was thinking of all the stuff we could get rid of and I was thinking of all […]

Site Maintenance

Please bear with me. I think my rss feeds are wonky. Feel free to confirm or deny. I tried to update some of my files and now my sidebar is messed up. While I’m tracking down the problem I’m seeing if an updated theme helps. Thanks for your patience! **update** I’ve taken the statcounter off and now feedvalidator.org says it’s […]

Backup Dresses

Votes continue to pour in on the flower girl dresses, much to the chagrin of the bride-to-be, who’s ready for the whole thing to be over, already. She and Frank settled on a dress and placed a deposit, only to find out that style was discontinued. So Karen went back on Sunday to pick out something from the fall line. […]

More bad news from China

You can’t chew Mattel’s made-in-China toys, Chinese-made hotel toothpaste is toxic, what’s next, you ask? That’s right. Threats delivered via the fortune cookie.


Hey! The procrastinationicon makes her reappearance! It must be close to another school year. I’m supposed to be writing a biweekly update to my advisor about all the academic progress I’ve made this summer. This will be my first update in about ten weeks. You do the math. I feel like I have rocks in the bottom of my stomach. […]

I Do Doodle