Flower girls

The Minis have been on a quest* for their flower girl dresses for Tito Frank’s wedding. Yes, Tito Frank is getting married. No, monkeys have not flown out of his butt. Why do people keep asking that? After a consult with the bride-to-be, Tita Karen, to accommodate tastes, prices (aargh!) and durability, we did a couple of try-ons for fit.

Flurry of activity

Our calendar is getting crazy now that we’re all counting down to the first day of school as the summer winds down. Now we’re all about books, tuition, uniforms, summer book reports, and finishing home improvement projects – it’s overwhelming. The school provides most of the school supplies, so we miss out on what for me (but probably not my […]

Structured dress code

Our calendar is starting to fill up again. Boo. Minime’s school district has adopted a structured dress code this year, which she is very unhappy about, mainly because she doesn’t like to wear shirts with collars on them and at first the colors were restricted to maroon, gold and navy (“boy colors,” sighs Minime unhappily). Now the rules are relaxed […]


I’ve finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows so I’m back online again. (Joel – I didn’t read your comment until just now. Bwahahahahahaha!)

Potter Blackout

I’m putting myself on media blackout for the weekend so that I can avoid all possible spoilers of Deathly Hallows, realizing that this will be about as successful as the Dursleys keeping the owls from delivering Harry’s mail in the first book, but I’m going to try anyway. Add my love of Harry Potter to Laine’s List of Mockable Qualities. […]

Beauty School Dropout

[rate 4] Grease (stage version) Minime and BFF really liked this. BFF had seen the movie before but Minime had not. I was not familiar with the stage version so many of the songs were new to me. Plus, there’s no “Sandy” or “You’re the One that I Want.” My sister and I used to laugh ourselves sick with our […]

The Cousins and The Band

The Cousins and The Band are moving out. These are our duplex neighbors.* We will miss Dad Cousins’ grilling on the back porch in his ultra-thin boxers and Mom Cousins offering our children junk food despite our polite refusals. And their noisy little dog too. They were sweet, though. The Mini’s inherited stacks of books and games when they were […]


[rate 5] Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus If I could write a novel, this would be it. Hanging on to past relationships with conflicted emotions bouncing around between regret and revenge was kind of my theme song for a while. Reliving it through Dedication was all of embarrassing, hilarious, and cathartic. In this book the fantasy of a […]

I Do Doodle