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My blog-absence is a good indicator that I have had no deadlines as of late. Zero. I’ve only been setting my alarm on Sundays. On other days I wake up to some sort of serenade or tortuous hair-pulling experiment being performed by Minimike who got used to my academic-year 11am-5am sleep cycle and is still on it. Minime, being her […]


To while away the summer hours we’ve been experimenting with ceramics. Minime has a toy pottery wheel but after about five minutes of horrible frustration we switched to Sculpey. Minime made a bear and a plant. Minimike made squarish blobs, which makes me equally happy because a) she didn’t get any in her hair and b) she didn’t feed any […]

Girl Power

It’s a bit frenzied around here as Minime is wrapping up her school year. On Saturday we went to her Girl Scouts End of Year trip to a shopping mall with a Libby Lu. If you’ve never heard of Libby Lu, it’s a makeover salon that anchors the Axis of Evil for the tween set. One wall is a Pooch […]

What’s on your desktop?

Mike showed me this and it kept me amused throughout the whole month of May, when I would have otherwise been weeping from exhaustion. Enjoy! I let it run onscreen during the few minutes prior to my students’ final to let them see that I am a fun and delightful person and not the b!tchmonster grader from he!!. Turns out, […]

Les Mistranslation

This is too funny not to share. When I read it I laughed out loud, then I imagined the whole conversation in Spanish (I don’t speak Spanish so in my imagination it replays with Telemundo expressions and dramatic pauses) and it was even funnier. the hilarious and the ugly

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