Sometimes the voices in my head tell me that I have supreme control over time and space, which is how I got myself in this situation of having at least six weeks of work to finish in two.

Yesterday on the way to pick up Minime from school I saw a penny by the curb surrounded by tiny shards of broken glass. After a minute of contemplating the pro’s and con’s of embedding glass in my fingertips for a little bit of extra luck, my fingertips won. But it was a close vote. If I didn’t depend on speed-typing to get through this semester the penny would have definitely won.

Mike has agreed to relieve me of some of Minime’s school yearbook duties, which will help so much. That’s lucky and I didn’t have to sacrifice any digits.

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      Man, that would have been a tough choice!! I get like that too. I just think I need to pick it up. I’m glad that reason won!!

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