Back to normal?

It depends what you consider normal, which for us means that Mommy doesn’t spend half her time in New York and the other half hiding behind a “Dell” icon. Spring Festival We celebrated the first full weekend of unhampered mommy time by going to the Spring Festival at our local dairy farm. If you’re going to move away from Blue […]

So. Many. Blue. Books.

The end is near, maybe I can’t tell if my advisor is jacking with me as some kind of hazing ritual. She assigned the grading of all 70+ students’ final exams to me, due, oh, 6 hours ago. Almost all of the students used two blue books. I accepted without question that this is my job, but then I noticed […]

Happy Mother’s Day

…to all mothers! Mine is still here because we missed her flight yesterday.* But I digress. Many years ago the wife of the pastor of the international church I attended in Kobe read this passage on Mother’s Day. I got extra weepy and homesick for my mother and since then I am inspired by this every Mother’s Day.

Oh, L’Amour

Yesterday on the way to school an older-model car zoomed up behind me and passed me. I was so surprised I didn’t think to pull out my camera phone to capture the shoe-polished message on their rear window: I LOVE FAT B!$#%ES I imagine they couldn’t agree on the spelling of their first message: JUST MERIED MARRED MERREED Speaking of […]

Rant: Team Etiquette 2

Join Team Etiquette! Stop pdf abuse Dear Web Designers of Nearby University Library: Do you really need your hours to be a pdf? Seriously? Your hours? Your HOURS most definitely do NOT require a .pdf. Especially when each month is a separate download that looks like this:


Sometimes the voices in my head tell me that I have supreme control over time and space, which is how I got myself in this situation of having at least six weeks of work to finish in two. Yesterday on the way to pick up Minime from school I saw a penny by the curb surrounded by tiny shards of […]

I Do Doodle