Rants: Team Etiquette

Rants: Team Etiquette

Library Etiquette I

I’m finding that there are levels of abuse of library privileges. The undergrads get it the worst, as their privileges are only six weeks. A friend of mine actually BOUGHT all five books she needed for her seminar paper because some grad student or faculty would not respond to her recall request. I myself keep books for the whole year because I can. I don’t even keep track anymore of what’s on my shelf. Faculty don’t have to pay late fees so they can ignore recall requests entirely.

But the worst offenders, I think, are the Carrel people who keep millions of books without checking them out. They should have lights above their door that glow an angry, accusatory red when they have unchecked materials in their carrels. That would save me the half hour of digging around the shelves and return carts looking for a book that’s supposed to be in the library. Aargh.

Library Etiquette II

It would be easier to spend the half hour searching if people would respect the quiet zones. I was frantically searching the PS509’s and somehow ended up in the H202‘s, where a gaggle of ΦΔΔΩΦΣ’s or whatever were LOUDLY rehashing the party from the night before, which, apparently, was hilarious, y’all.

Phone Etiquette

Lastly, how hard is it to call someone and say, “This is so-and-so. This number was on my call list. Are you trying to reach me?”) instead of “Who’s this?!”

Today it was some girl who I imagine was calling from the food court while on her break from The Gap and was sitting with her mallrat friends simultaneously talking on their cellphones. In my scenario she’s already in a bad mood because her best friend bought the exact same humongous slouchy glittery hobo bag as her.

I’m just going to tell the next rude girl that calls that I’m going through my boyfriend’s cellphone and calling all the numbers on his dialed list to make sure all of his girls on the side know he’s available now that I’ve broken up with him because I’m sick of hearing him complain about the itching. Who wants to listen to that all day, am I right?

Phone Etiquette II

I do not find it cute when people record their children as their voicemail outgoing message. If you, my client, give me a phone number, I expect it to be a suitable business number. I can’t even tell if I called the right number because your child’s language skills are still unintelligible.

Serenity now. Or, for fans of The Office, “Lord, beer me strength.”

4 thoughts on “Rants: Team Etiquette

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      “complain about the itching…”

      At that point, I had the prescience to SET DOWN MY COFFEE, thank doG. My laptop wouldn’t have been happy with the shower otherwise.

      Were WE that annoying when we were 20-somethings?

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Gurl! this is what I have to deal with daily. and that child thing. Miss thing one day had her baby as her ring tone. Ugh. I said that is the ugliest sound I have ever heard!

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Apparently I can’t spell correctly when I’m seething.

      Allie – sweetie! I think I’m that annoying NOW. I can’t imagine what a 20-year old Laine would have done with a cellphone!

      However, we here at Team Etiquette challenge ourselves and others to overcome this rampant self-indulgent, obliviousness and recognize that such inconsiderate behavior detracts from the quality of life for all of society.

      Joel – baby ring tone? Oh, no. That really would send me over the edge.

      Yes, it’s a grand and sweeping mission but it has to start somewhere!

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      ONLY grandparents should be allowed to have such disgusting ringtones!! I mean, after all, the poor people around me have to hear some poor child’s “cackle” whenever one of my children calls!! It’s really disgusting and I’m sure it’s annoying!!

      I can only imagine how awful all of you would have been if cellphones had been so IMPORTANT when you were 20. It’s bad enough that we all feel we MUST have one now! How did any of us survive without them.

      However, someone WAS surprised yesterday to learn that I actually had a television when I was a little girl!! The Nerve. However, I didn’t have one until I was 6!

      Love the gravatars, by the way.

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