Minime’s softball success

Minime’s softball success

Minime had her first game today! It was a gorgeous day for softball. Hard to believe we just had a big fat snow this past Monday.

Her team won so she’s super excited. The winning team got a slice of pizza and a cup of Pepsi. She surrendered the pizza to Minimike, who is going through some sort of ravenous phase, which is very timely because Mom is coming to visit next week and she lives to feed the kids every two hours.

Back to the game. It’s swing-til-ya-hit style so she got a good hit and made it all the way to first base, which isn’t as far as it looks from home plate, she reports. She also backed up the first baseman and assisted in an out.

Mike couldn’t be more pleased. Between the extensive appreciation for ’70’s music and the great softball season we’re having so far, he thinks he’s the A-Ichi-Ban-Daisuki-Yatta!-Chichi.* But the rest of us knew that all along, didn’t we?


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      Yes, he is. In fact, even Tita Bing thinks so (I read her blog! I’m a lurker!)

      Anyway, getting a hit, backing up the first base, assisting in an out. sounds like she’s ready for the Astros!!

      My grandkids are absolutely great!! (see Aunt Laurie’s blog re Nathaniel’s Rain Gutter Regatta.

      Enjoy your mom next week. I know she will enjoy feeding you and your children!! My sister was here today and that is what she and my mom are doing to us!! FEEDING..yummm

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