Remembering Liés

Remembering Liés

This week I received the sad news that a very sweet boy I knew in college passed away recently. I haven’t seen Liés since college so he’ll always be the sweet boy but as I understand it he grew up to be a sweet man as well.

Laine’s First (and only) Res Hall Write-Up

I don’t have a story for him on my 3rd Floor Tome, as he wasn’t a 3rd Floor res. 2nd, maybe. I don’t think he would have been in Taub but that was how many brain cells ago?

One night a bunch of us were playing Spin the Bottle – this may have been the only time in my life I’ve played Spin the Bottle.

Anyway, it’s wierd when someone else is spinning because you’re hoping the bottle points to you, as if such a random act meant that for one moment the universe was lining up in your favor and glorifying you as The One. It doesn’t even matter who’s spinning, as long as you’re on the receiving end of this cosmic sign.

When there are a zillion people crowded around a single bottle there’s a lot of just waiting around.

But look! Finally! Is it me? Is it me? Yes! Who do I get to kiss?

The sweetest boy and best dancer in the dorms. A tall drink o’ water with a great laugh. Liés. He gave me the tiniest press on the mouth and then the door burst open and a mad scramble ensued as an RA and Papikash the Quad Director rushed in. (I don’t remember the QD’s name but I remember it sounded like Papikash.)

And an otherwise fabulous evening ended with my receipt of a pink slip for an underage with alcohol violation.


I had to go to Papikash’s office to protest my write-up. He explained that Spin the Bottle was a drinking game.

(If there was any alcohol in the open bottle spinning around on the floor it was way gone by the time it got to me.)

It’s very weird to have to explain Spin the Bottle to a grown man but he sternly lectured me that I should really be more careful about what parties I go to and he let me off with a warning.

And that’s as close as I ever got to Liés. The kiss apparently wasn’t substantial enough to make my list. I checked. Yes, there is a list of all the boys I’ve ever kissed. It hasn’t needed updating since the Clinton era, obviously, and I know how sad that is, but I had a very sheltered childhood.

So that is my remembrance. I confess to the retracted write up and the (infamous, slightly pathetic) kiss list. But what I lack in eloquence I make up for in sincerity.

Sleep well, sweet boy. You will be missed.

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      Papish. Ross Papish. And he was very, very gay—maybe Spin the Bottle isn’t big in gay culture?

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      Thank you! Mike said the physical description I gave him triggered kind of an icky feeling but he couldn’t come up with a name.

      Now I’ve got, “Waiter, there’s too much papish in my Quad” stuck in my head.

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