Gaslight: Ex-Fish

Gaslight: Ex-Fish

Do NOT mess with the mouse

It’s been a while since the last Gaslight report. Other than someone taking the marble ball out of my wireless trackball mouse, back in February(?) it’s been pretty uneventful. But I’m in the last few weeks of the semester and things are starting to get wonky again. I found the marble ball, eventually, but it got dented recently so it doesn’t roll as smoothly and that’s frustrating.

Why doesn’t Logitech just sell the marble ball? Is it like wanting to buy just the lid of a sugar bowl? Because there’s probably a market for that. They found a market for Muffin Tops before everyone gave up carbs.


I have to speak in code here, but I think the fish is trying to become an ex-fish.

He’s thinking of pining for the fjords. If you don’t get it, you might want to google it.

The problem is, he’s taking a long time. I made a very nice casket for him so the Minis could have a funeral because I thought he had ceased to be.

But when I tried to net him, he started zipping around and blowing bubbles. This has happened 2-3 times.

He spends more and more time very still, he’s eating less, and he’s getting red around the gills. His water is clean and he’s being fed regularly. This is not good.

It’s freaking me out, only because Mike has told me on more than one occasion that he never wants to be buried alive.

My friend Margaret says I should just flush him so I can tell the Minis that “at least we’ll give him a fighting chance.” What do I do?

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      Might sound stupid, but check the temp of the water. They like warm water and they tend to get sluggish if it isn’t warm enough.

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      I have one of those thermometer stickers on the tank with a submerged heater and so the water’s a toasty 78. But he did start the trickery when I last changed his water. It was up to 75 and I had his change bowl floating in the tank to make sure the temps were similar. I’ll try using the overhead lamp and see if that works.

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