Rants: Team Etiquette

Library Etiquette I I’m finding that there are levels of abuse of library privileges. The undergrads get it the worst, as their privileges are only six weeks. A friend of mine actually BOUGHT all five books she needed for her seminar paper because some grad student or faculty would not respond to her recall request. I myself keep books for […]


  Good Mommy Day – Wreck of a weekend – Forgotten “Dress up Day” at preschool   Bad Mommy Day + Arrival of Lola + Laundry, Vacuuming, Childcare   Good Mommy Day Cultural Linguistics Jennifer called last night to confirm dinner plans and 4-yr old MiniPat was yelling in the background, “Their Lola is there? You mean their Lola and […]

Ceased to be

R.I.P. Blendy …has officially expired. After only 2 1/2 months. After a long talk and a lot of tears, Minime and Mike interred Blendy in the pet cemetary with Cameron the moth. I didn’t even know there was another grave back there. Minime explained that she and the neighborboy had named the moth “Cameron” because they didn’t know if it […]

Minime’s softball success

Minime had her first game today! It was a gorgeous day for softball. Hard to believe we just had a big fat snow this past Monday. Her team won so she’s super excited. The winning team got a slice of pizza and a cup of Pepsi. She surrendered the pizza to Minimike, who is going through some sort of ravenous […]

Remembering Liés

This week I received the sad news that a very sweet boy I knew in college passed away recently. I haven’t seen Liés since college so he’ll always be the sweet boy but as I understand it he grew up to be a sweet man as well. Laine’s First (and only) Res Hall Write-Up I don’t have a story for […]

Gaslight: Ex-Fish

Do NOT mess with the mouse It’s been a while since the last Gaslight report. Other than someone taking the marble ball out of my wireless trackball mouse, back in February(?) it’s been pretty uneventful. But I’m in the last few weeks of the semester and things are starting to get wonky again. I found the marble ball, eventually, but […]

ER, continued…

So it looks like Minime has lost interest in finishing her story. She collided with a girl and had to get stitches, as you may have noticed in the Easter pics. She got the bandages off yesterday and it’s not bad. The doctor had to shave her hairline a little to get to the wound and that’s starting to grow […]

I Do Doodle