Where’s Sunday?

One of Mike’s and my favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally. There’s a part when Sally (Meg Ryan) is explaining why her days of the week underpants don’t include Sunday. “Because of God.” Minimike loves her days of the week underpants but she’s missing a couple of days and I’d like to get her another set. Mike says, “Just […]


[rate 3] The plot: In this unDisneyfied version, a wicked queen finds out that she will meet her doom if her daughter marries but the king will meet his doom if she doesn’t, so the queen devises a test for all potential suitors. If they don’t pass, they lose their heads. Obviously, she makes the test impossible to pass. After […]

Gender Biased LEGO

The Mini’s have discovered LEGO. I hope that means that instead of finding tiny dresses, and accessories stuffed into my shoes I’ll accidentally step on LEGO’s. This is a good thing. This is creative development. LEGO’s are brought to us from Denmark, whose UN gender equality stats are higher than those of the US. I was a little disappointed by […]

Minime’s hopes and dreams

It’s easier to write about Minimike because she changes almost daily and is, in general, more absurd. Minime, however, is ever full of surprises and is quite her own “Miss Thang.” Lately she’s been designing a clothing line for Chinese princesses. We haven’t talked lately about the realities of global politics and leadership structures, but why rush reality when she’s […]

Biopic soundtrack

From my friend Peggy: If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? So, here’s how it works: Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) Put it on shuffle Press play For every section, type the song that’s playing When you go to a new section, press the next button on your player Don’t lie and […]

Dream: Everybody was kung fu shopping

I was shopping and this girl who looked like my friend Mer from GW kept looking at what I tried on and buying it for herself. I was getting totally annoyed by this so I started flirting with her boyfriend. Then she picked a pair of purple pants* and, throwing them at me, said, “Fine, you can have these.” Later […]

Dream: Inappropriate Comment

(I’m dreaming so much lately. Stressed?) I dreamed that my former boss’ boss, Jim, and I were teaching at A&M. He was still my boss and I’d e-mailed him the night before that I was expecting (WHICH I’M NOT. In my anxiety dreams I’m sometimes pregnant. Which I’m not.) Anyway we’re sitting in the hallway with our laptops and he […]

Girl Scout Sunday

We visited an Episcopal church for Girl Scout Sunday today. Strangely enough, it was more of a culture shock than Shabbat, but in a good way. One of our wish list items in a church is more praise and worship, less performance and entertainment. We found it easier to focus when it was just the organ music, reading God’s word, […]

I Do Doodle