Unzipped redux

To buy myself a hours of study time during the week I decided to spend the night in a hotel after my evening class.* Being the meticulous traveler that I am, I researched every hotel in the area and chose two nice moderately priced places with character and more importantly, free internet. I went to the first one and told […]

Anti-anxiety post

It’s kind of a downer for me to post so many anxiety dreams so I’m posting this for balance. I kind of prefer the language of KJV. “Raiment” is cooler than “clothes” and “Consider the lilies of the field” is more musical than “See how the lilies of the field grow.” But the promise is the same. I hope it […]

Anxiety Dream: Tornado

I was watching a horrible show on tv at my mom’s house – a game show/variety show featuring the reunited casts of Full House and Little House on the Prairie. Each Full House cast member was dressed as a different character from Spongebob Squarepants. The Little House cast was wearing their period costumes but none of them had aged well […]

I Do Doodle