Dream: Al Gore’s lecture

Dream: Al Gore’s lecture

‘Salting the stairs.

Al Gore giving a lecture. Zander, an old General Hospital character, was sitting in an aisle seat.

The stairs were slippery but no one would do anything about it.

A boy and I went to a locker within the classroom to get glue and other materials. He has decorated my locker in the hall as well. It’s a full auditorium.

After, everyone on stairs looking through huge telescope, including Al Gore. Someone asking a question about a certain instrument, Al Gore acted like he didn”t understand the question.


Green notebok – small, 1 1/2 in. thick, writing on front and back. Letter tucked inside. It’s a diary of what he was going through. He asked me to accompany him to his high school reunion. I was torn. To go meant all was forgiven, but it was so inappropriate! I’d be wearing my wedding rings. Would people assume we’d gotten married? (forgetting that he is already married, in which case he would take is wife)

Asked Mike how we came by the diary. We were in our hotel room. He said I’d had it for some time – I was the one that showed it to him. I said I’d never seen this in my life. Was he watching us? Did he know where we were staying? Then we were in a corner room overlooking the parking lot with floor to ceiling windows with no blinds. The hotel clerk asked if I had my coupon. Then she said that the windows afforded privacy. The letter in the diary had no return address. I wasn’t even sure how old the letter was.

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