Dream: Benefactor

Dream: Benefactor

(I have such horrible dreams about people I love. )

Mike and I were at some kind of posh resort area. His father was very wealthy but they were estranged. His father sent a limo to pick up the family. I didn’t go – it was understood that I wasn’t invited.

I walked down the length of the car as they were getting in. My mother got into the car with the baby. A few doors down Mike was getting in. He just threw the car seat next to him. The bodyguards wouldn’t let him install it. I waited at the hotel among these richly dressed frolicking guests. When the family got back, Mike & I were talking about it. Apparently his father wanted to leave him some money, presumably for the baby.

Outside, all the snow was melting and creating a lake outside. Our friends, who were dressed in tuxes, jumped in and played. I knew we would eventually have to evacuate.

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