Dude, where’s my car?

Dude, where’s my car?

Wendy in the snow

Happy Valentine’s Day. Or Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day, whatever your persuasion, in which case you might be amused by Janel’s anti V-day rant.

I’ve been holed up in the Faux Overlook Hotel since yesterday. School was cancelled today but there’s no hope of the roads being safe enough to drive home tonight. It’s nice to have an extra day to catch up and possibly get ahead of school, but I do miss my family.

Back home the whole area is shut down so I checked in with Mike and the monsters. Here’s his report:

Things are really ugly here. The back stairs are completely snowed under and it’s windy and it’s sleety, and it’s supposed to turn back to heavy snow around noon. They’re saying we’re looking at up to 20 inches by the time it’s over later tonight.

Everything’s canceled here. King’s is closed, WVW is closed, and while I haven’t seen anything about the daycare, I have to wonder if they’re open.

Spenser ran out this morning about 6:30 and all of his tracks are completely filled back in. I don’t know when I should go shovel.

I shoveled, and will shovel again. It was heavy and miserable work. And the street plowing built a two-to-three foot mountain at the end of our driveway. That was no fun. The ice/sleet has given way to heavy snow. The girls refused all food until I was up to my pits in snow, and then they turned super-hungry. So I asked them to make their own breakfast, and Minime did a great job of assembling crust-free butter and jam sandwiches. She’s so sweet.

Anyway, Valentine’s Day aside, it’s too bad you’re not here. We could have an easy day of hanging out. But you wouldn’t get anything done, and I like the idea of you having a solid day to work. That’s very nice.

Well, I’ve only got a few hours of my solid work day left so I’d better run. As you can see I’ve already made so much progress!


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      I’m sorry you are there instead of home, but I am so glad you are safe and hopefully warm.

      Get some work done and the roads will be clear soon enough to go home.

      I’m quite sure that Mike and the girls are having a lousy Valentine’s Day without you, but, hey, you could be in sunny Bryan/College Station where it is a very warm 35F with windchill of 25F!!! And it is only about 65 in the house right now because the wind is BLOWING!! I’m such a sissy!!

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