The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

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This 7 minute short is on disc 2 of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and is nominated for an Oscar this year. This gorgeous watercolor animated version of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale is set in pre-revolutionary Russia. Instead of dialogue it’s set to Borodin’s String Quartet No. 2 in D Major: Third Movement: Notturno (Andante).

I didn’t know the story before and the girls have watched it before so I watched it with them yesterday. Stop reading here if you don’t want to be spoiled.

I didn’t know she dies. It’s Disney, after all. She was supposed to get adopted by her fairy godmother and ride off in a white carriage to live in a castle.

I gasped audibly and tears sprang to my eyes.

Minimike turned around and said (with more matter-of-factness than reassurance), “Yup, she’s frozen. Because of the snow.”

Minime said, “I almost burst into tears when I read the story. She didn’t want to go home because her father would beat her for not selling any matches. Now she’s in heaven with her grandma.”

Mike said, “They can’t ever complain about me as a dad now.”

MG rating

…and speaking of my family’s apparent acceptance of the inevitability of freezing to death,…

Sweet Ditka, it’s cold!

We were at a Superbowl party last night and didn’t worry about keeping the kids up late because the buzz was that school would be on 2-hour delay today because of the cold.

And whaddya know? The schools are on 2-hour delay today because we’re expecting a high of 12 today. The wind chill right now is -14.

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