Dream: Al Gore’s lecture

‘Salting the stairs. Al Gore giving a lecture. Zander, an old General Hospital character, was sitting in an aisle seat. The stairs were slippery but no one would do anything about it. A boy and I went to a locker within the classroom to get glue and other materials. He has decorated my locker in the hall as well. It’s […]

Dream: She have five job

There was an old comedy skit called “Hey, Mon!” Can anyone name the show that was on? I’ve forgotten. Anyway, the joke is that each member of this family works all the time in multiple jobs. Then the daughter comes home wanting her folks to meet her new boyfriend and the first thing they ask is “How many job he […]

Dream: Benefactor

(I have such horrible dreams about people I love. ) Mike and I were at some kind of posh resort area. His father was very wealthy but they were estranged. His father sent a limo to pick up the family. I didn’t go – it was understood that I wasn’t invited. I walked down the length of the car as […]

Dream: Bones

(This only makes sense if you’re a fan of Bones, which you should be if you’re not. It’s really good.) I was substituting for Temperance Brennan and riding in the car with Boothe. I’d found some info and he said casually, “I love you!” And then after an awkward pause he says, “Do you think…” So I quickly interjected that […]

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year! How cute is this pig? I am totally powerless against Hallmark’s mission of wringing the calendar for commodifiable holidays. It’s my year – the year of the fire red pig, or wild boar, or whatever. According to legend, the pig was the last to cross the finish line in the Emperor’s race. Which has been interpreted […]

Dude, where’s my car?

Happy Valentine’s Day. Or Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day, whatever your persuasion, in which case you might be amused by Janel’s anti V-day rant. I’ve been holed up in the Faux Overlook Hotel since yesterday. School was cancelled today but there’s no hope of the roads being safe enough to drive home tonight. It’s nice to have an extra day to catch […]

Happy Birthday, Minime!

Minime turned 8 last week. 8! She wants to thank everyone for all the phone calls and cards. Of course, it makes her miss her family more, but all the same she is pleased to be remembered on her birthday. Thanks, Tito Frank, for the box of packing peanuts! Tito Frank sent her a coin sorter with wrappers. Minime has […]

The Little Match Girl

[rate 5] This 7 minute short is on disc 2 of Disney’s The Little Mermaid and is nominated for an Oscar this year. This gorgeous watercolor animated version of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale is set in pre-revolutionary Russia. Instead of dialogue it’s set to Borodin’s String Quartet No. 2 in D Major: Third Movement: Notturno (Andante). I didn’t know the […]

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