Anxiety Dream: About to miss my flight

I used to always have these dreams that I was leaving to go to Japan for a year and hadn’t packed and my flight is in an hour. At the airport, got to gate, realized I’d forgotten my computer, went to go get it, couldn’t get past security checkpoint because I’d left my boarding pass in the lobby. Went all […]

Anxiety Dream: Fugitive from the law

Trying to get the whole family to my mom’s house, which in my dream on the map was on the south side of the bayou instead of the north. No car, had to walk off roads and through wooded areas. Ended up somewhere maybe in the Westbury area. We went down a narrow street and through a wooden gate where […]


During Minime’s & my Bachelorette Week, VH1 was running an America’s Next Top Model Marathon. Oh, the shame. I could not look away. Neither could Minime, which is why it took us the whole week to take down the Christmas tree and put away the ornaments. I don’t think watching ANTM is on the list of Mother-Of-The-Year criteria but Minime […]

Night at the Zoo

Minime went on her first Girl Scouts overnight trip this weekend at the Philadelphia Zoo. Grandmommy will be especially pleased to know that Minime slept in a sleeping bag. She got more sleep than I did, but apparently her bones were not cutting into her own flesh from the pressure of the floor. But I’m not complaining. It was actually […]

What are these cold icy bits in the air?

It is – how your people call – snow? You can take the Minis out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out of the Minis…which is why they thought it would be fun to ride their bikes. Then Minimike panicked because her hands got too cold to steer and I had to lug her trike to the garage and […]

I do TiVo. Do you do TiVo too?

Here’s what’s on our TiVo list this spring. (updated 2/2) Lost I am so glad this is headed for a wrapup. Keeping track of all the mysteries is just too much work. Veronica Mars I am way past the target audience for this show but my first detective was Nancy Drew so I’m stuck. The Office It’s a win-win…win. Congratulations, […]

Memoirs of a Geisha

Movie [rate 3] Normally I read the book before I watch the movie but I was in a time crunch so I did the reverse.* I’m really glad I did because I would have been too distracted by the adaptations. As a story, it’s The Karate Kid of Gion. Girl has rough childhood, girl gets bullied by mean geisha, nice […]


[rate 5] (1/26) Backdated – I never did write about our trip, mostly because it’s hard to reduce such a visual experience to a blog entry. It’s a great museum with so many famous works of art. Of the 31 Minime and I flagged, we saw 29. But we saw so much more than what we flagged and still didn’t […]

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