Breaking the silence

My brain is FRIED. Beer-battered-and-dunked-in-lard-fried. One more paper and then I will start posting my backlog of postilicious bloggables… Until then, (Updated 12/20) So here’s the story: I took the minis to school with me because we were modeling for my friend Noelle, who was doing a photo essay on mixed-race families for her class. While we were there I […]

Breaking up is really really super-hard to do

I have to break up with my professor. You know the kind of breakup where they just don’t get it so finally you have to resort to the most immature of tactics like not returning e-mails or phone calls? When the semester first started I was young and naive and I signed up for his extracurricular interdisciplinary research group. Long […]

Words Hurt 2

I called my professor a loser This is the same class that intimidated me at the beginning of the year because I don’t speak syllabus. And the same class in which I celebrated my cogent (where cogent is a good thing) presentation. All semester this class has made me nervous as hell because if I’m going to be revealed as […]

Words Hurt

We’ve been having A LOT of discussions at home about always using words that show people we love them. Sometimes we unintentionally say things that hurt people. But we can avoid some of those hurtful situations if we aim for love every time. Taking the time to think about the words we use not only builds people up in love, […]

I Do Doodle