Words Hurt 3

Words Hurt 3

This is the last of the Words Hurt series and this word just really really blows. There’s no silliness in this post so if you don’t want to read something serious and sad feel free to skip over it.


Mike’s dad has colon cancer.

I’m not at all good with emotion but I shouldn’t drop a downer during the holidays without some statement of faith and encouragement. When my own dad was ill and I was silenced by my own despair, Robert taught me that God wants to hear from me. The anger, the sadness, the irrational hopefulness, all of it.

Robert and his wife Sandy sat silently by Mike and I when Mike’s mom told us her lung cancer had taken over past the point of medical intervention. Cancer just sucks and God knows it and it breaks His heart to see any of his children suffer.

My friend Lee has been walking his readers through My Utmost for His Highest and it’s really helped me, I think. On December 16 Chambers writes,

We are not to be like jelly-fish saying, “It is the Lord’s will.” We have not to put up a fight before God, not to wrestle with God, but to wrestle before God with things. Beware of squatting lazily before God instead of putting up a glorious fight so that you may lay hold of His strength.

Because it is my nature to not want to impose on anyone, I prayed like a jellyfish when my dad was dying because I figured I had already asked for too much. When he was first diagnosed I asked for two years and got five. Who was I to ask for anything else? But to say that God was tapped out or I’d exceeded my answered prayer quota showed the limits of my faith. It is God’s pleasure to bless my life. I am His child. Who am I to say that He’s already done enough and I can handle everything else on my own?

Shoot. I have reached the point of babbling and sniffling so I’ll stop here.

Therefore put on the full armour of God…And pray on all occasions… Eph. 6:13,18

Talk to God, ask Him for stuff, exercise your faith, and gratefully receive His blessings. Hug your family. Please pray for Mike, his dad and his wife Robert and Sandy, and Mike’s siblings Matthew, Laurie, Neil, and Steven.

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