Texas Trippin’

As much as I miss Texas, coming home for Christmas can be a test of patience. This week we’ve logged 13.5 hours and 958 miles of driving time. During our Tour-O-Texas Minimike had one night of nosebleed+fever, one night of fever+vomiting. She was totally fine once we got back to Lola’s house. Coincidence? I think not.

His name is “Yo?”

More Minimikeisms The girls were watching a video and one of the characters says, “Yo, tha’s off the chain, yo!” (I don’t speak street so you’ll have to imagine an inner-city-youth accent, or Justin Timberlake.) Minimike: “His name is ‘Yo?’”

What not to watch

While you’re sitting around enjoying the sweet slothiness brought by your end-of-year holiday, contemplating renting a movie, here are some of my recommendations of what to leave on the shelf. I can’t even in good conscience devote the space of a post per movie. [rate 2] Mission Impossible 3 So much hype over Keri Russell warding off Tom’s Scientology Tent […]

The Musiceducation of Minimike

Further progress of Minimike’s ’70’s music education: “Ashes to Ashes” by David Bowie [audio:Flynn to Ashes.mp3] “Mommy, are you messing with Major Tom?” [audio:061216 Flynn Are You Messing.mp3]

A Christmas Story: Blue Baby Jesus

When Minime was 3 she was at my folks’ house coloring a nativity scene. She covered Baby Jesus in blue marker. My dad asked her if she wouldn’t rather make his skin another color, like peach.Well, she wasn’t havin’ none o’ that and she kept going. So my dad told me to teach her to color skin properly. I replied […]

Words Hurt 3

This is the last of the Words Hurt series and this word just really really blows. There’s no silliness in this post so if you don’t want to read something serious and sad feel free to skip over it.

More Minimikeisms

Confusion between “ambulance” and “aliens” That aliens is helping someone who got hurt. Special order I need a drink called, “milk.” Party planning I can go to an excellent party. I’m a superhero. I can save everybody. Pink Floyd’s The Wall Mommy: Hey! Teachers! Leave those kids alone! Minimike: Deidrich. Mommy: What? Minimike: Not “teachers.” It’s Deidrich. Mommy: Who’s Deidrich? […]

I Do Doodle