Thanksgiving Trip Teaser 2

More Thanksgiving photos. Click on the picture for the entire album. I don’t have any of the actual wedding just yet but hopefully soon, because I found a FANTASTIC dress the night before my flight $40 (I know! Shut up!) and I daresay I clean up well. Update: Pics! The official set is here. Update: Our flight home arrived early […]

Thank goodness the end of term is almost here

My presentation went VERY well yesterday. Yatta!!!!* The highest compliment would have been, “This paper could have a life outside of this class as a publication.” The harshest comment, “Well, you know, that was just, well, BANAL, really.” On a scale from 1-10 I think I’m at about an 9. I was shooting for, “not banal,” but he said my […]

Thanksgiving Trip Teaser

I’ll write more when I finish my term papers (yikes!) but I just wanted our folks to know Minime and I got back safely from our trip. Colorado was amazing. Thanksgiving dinner was graciously hosted by Allie’s parents. The wedding was just lovely and I reunited with many old friends. The good food and fun times almost took the edge […]

Gaslight: Clarence Creedwater Reviver

The Musiceducation of Laine I was first introduced to The Beatles by my sister when I was 6 or so. We would play the radio very softly because that music was verboten by our father. Somehow ’60’s Elvis was okay because my mother had his songs on 8-track and she’d let us watch all the old Elvis movies. Blue Hawaii […]

Odd Anxieties: Overgrooming and Undersalivating

I’m trying to get two seminar papers done before Thanksgiving. There is not enough dark chocolate in my house. When I worked at the Houston Museum of Natural Science many years ago a co-worker once told me that when parrots get stressed out they rip out their chest feathers. While I was tweezing my brows the other night the image […]

Gaslight: shoelaces and stapler

Finally broke down and bought new shoelaces… …that didn’t fit. Bought new shoelaces again. Boots still sitting in corner, unlaced, laces still in original packaging. Pathetic. Minimike pilfered my stapler. She finally ‘fessed up to it yesterday. She had thrown it away because she was playing with it and hurt herself and she didn’t want to get into trouble so […]

Voting Motivation

If only I’d read Joel’s blog before the polls closed… Entry for November 07, 2006 When you go out to vote today, and if you live in the City of Houston, please vote for Proposition E. This will help inprove libraries. We really need the help. go out an tell your friends. Although many of you know that I vote […]

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