Checking in – flooding update

It’s warm and sunny outside, which should help dry things up around here. There’s a lot of cleanup in surrounding areas that needs to be done but the good news for us is that the levee works. Had I known yesterday that floodwaters could uproot a house the size of ours and crash it into another house I’m sure I […]

Unaffected by flooding right now

More news to come but don’t worry and NOT A WORD to Minime. We’re okay. We’ve considered the mandatory evacuation and if the kids were home we definitely would but we have decided to stay and look after our house. Our immediate neighbors have evacuated but many people are still here. My neighbors left their nasty little psychotic barking beagle […]

I’ll miss Spelling TV. Will you miss Spelling TV too?

Go Fug Yourself has been spelling their love for Aaron Spelling. I too would support a 24-hour Aaron Spelling network! Indulgent and shallow TV will never be the same again. Check out Go Fug Yourself’s Homage to Brenda Walsh Now vote for your favorite Aaron Spelling Clique. My sister is way more knowledgeable about Spelling TV than me (except she’s […]

Houston Day 2

Houston Day 2 was actually College Station. My old employer was happy to have me drive in for a workday so I wouldn’t have to sit home and watch helplessly while Lola spoiled the monsters silly with – what do they call it? Oh, yeah – love and attention. The highlights of the day were, of course, the food. Feed […]

Houston Day 1

I was so glad to be home. Houston immediately welcomed me back by fogging my glasses when I set foot out of the airport.

Les Misreadables – Le Football, Futbol, Voetbal

As I don’t know anything about soccer and have no awareness of the World Cup, I was completely boggled to see these on my “Latest Headlines” pulldown:I read menus bottom to top. I don’t know why, except that maybe because on a restaurant menu that’s where the drinks are. Anyway, I was seriously distressed. I had no idea that Holland […]

Happy Birthday Manay!

Here you are at age 5(?), rockin’ that Brady Bunch look! You gotta keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dancin’ all through the night! Have a great 28th birthday, again! Love you!

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