Cousin Camp NYC

The whole fam drove into the big city on Monday. We took the subway to the WTC sites and walked around a bit. Then the girls and I stayed the night and on Tuesday we wandered around Central Park. Mike had a meeting on Tues so he had to drive back and forth again. After 4 days of driving to […]

Visiting cousin, day 2

Today Mike took the girls and Uncle Neil & Aunt Cheryl into NYC. They had a blast and the girls were still all kindsa crazy about each other. They’re running on fumes and zero sleep but they’re so happy. I can’t believe I dismissed how much Minime misses her family! It’s so constant that we think she’s being melodramatic but […]

Surprise Visit

For weeks we have been keeping a secret from Minime – her dearest cousin was coming for a visit. She didn’t find out until she was pretty much at the airport. All she knew was that she was taking a trip to see another state for a special surprise. She’s been smiling nonstop since 3 o’clock yesterday. What an amazing […]

Question of the Day: “His name is Mellman?”

The other day the mailman rang the doorbell to let me know he was putting a package on the doorstep. I brought the mail in as Minimike was running to see who it was. “Who is it?” she asked. “Oh, just the mailman,” I answered. She got the big eyes and gasped, “His name is Mellman?” I think I lost […]

More Arts and Crafts

Minime brought home from school a recipe for “Clay Dough.” It started out as a mother-daughter thing but then she decided she didn’t want to get her hands yukky so she got to do the food coloring while I did the mixing. After it was done she and Minimike went to town. Minime made very neat Christmas Tree Pancakes and […]

Arts and Crafts

This weekend we went to the Fine Arts Fiesta, which I have been excited about since we moved here. This is not a very web-centric place, surprisingly. To find out about local color, the best restaurants, the best anything, you have to actually leave the comfort of your home and talk to people and do stuff. This is one of […]

I watch The Office. Do you watch The Office too?

An example of Office brilliance. Partial transcript lifted from Give Me My Remote. Michael: I am going to donate to Afghanistanis with AIDS. Jim: I think you mean the aid to Afghanistan. Michael: No, I mean Afghanistanis with AIDS. Phyllis: Afghani. Michael: What? Phyllis: Afghani. Michael: That’s a dog. Pam: No, that’s Afghan. Michael: That’s a shawl. Dwight: Wait, canine […]

I Do Doodle