Whatever. Get jobs, both of you.

We had a cookout dinner with our Sunday School group today. Mike learned to play Bocce and the girls really enjoyed the hammock. That’s now on their wish list for the backyard. How they think we’re going to get a swing set, a pool, and a hammock all in our little yard is beyond my powers of time and space. […]

What have I done?

It’s official – I am now a grad student at SUNY-Binghamton! They like me – they really like me! The girls made motivational posters for me in honor or the occasion. I guess that means my plans for going decaf are postponed for at least a few more years, after which time I will be at your service for any […]

Oops, I did it again

Yay! Magazine day! Today’s mail: Pride and Prejudice (2005) via Netflix Step Inside Design Instyle However, magazine day means that the mailman rings the doorbell. And of course I’ve got curlers in my hair and I’m wearing a tank top that no one else but my immediate family has ever seen me in. Tank tops are pretty much in the […]

Too bad about Mars

KT wanted to share her picture. I don’t know where she got this idea, but every night at dinner she prays, “I will try very hard to take care of your earth.” We’ve given her some guidance on how to pray but she’s only 7 so you gotta pick your battles. Tonight’s prayer was (condensed version follows): Dear God, Thank […]

A key don’t make a home mobile

I keep an extra car key in the kitchen island. Minimike likes to rummage around the island looking for candy, since that’s where the Easter baskets, Halloween baskets, and goody bags get thrown. Whenever she finds the key we have the same conversation about how it starts the car and she puts it back. Yesterday morning as we were getting […]

High School Demons

I had to pick up something at the high school today. High school is a thousand times scarier than I remember it. As soon as I set foot on campus I knew in the very pit of my soul that I was not wearing the right clothes, shoes, or accessories. I instinctively ducked my head and desperately hoped no one […]

Baby name blunder

I intensely dislike reading people’s rants about about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ relationship – so many cruel words for people they don’t personally know – it’s gotten so out of hand on the entertainment public forums I find so addictive. So I’m trying not to pay attention, but how can I not laugh at this? Pointy Nosed Pickpocket I […]

I Do Doodle