Meet my Department Chair, David Duchovny

I had a dream that I had an interview for graduate school and the department chair was David Duchovny. He was with some of his students and the weather was beautiful so we were all wandering around campus and chatting and getting along really well. They asked me to go to lunch with them and I’d already made plans with […]

For the love! Am I tearing up again?

I just get so moved by stuff. I don’t wear mascara anymore so at least there’s that. Here’s today’s list Jill Carroll’s release Olympic Silvermedalist Zhang Dan falling during the pairs free skate (I know! That was like a month ago!) Their short program that they skated to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” also gets me. My absolute favorite Led Zeppelin song. […]

Do you have a question or something?

Minimike has changed the structure of her inquiries by adding “or something.” Can you play with me or something? Can I please have a dessert or something? If I ignore potty training it might go away. I’m trying to relax about it, to the point where she thought it would be OK to go #2 in her pants. Minime and […]

Good Manners

Minimike is and always has been our Frat Boy. Once we instructed her to “Say excuse me when you burp.” So now when she burps she says in a very singsongy voice, “Excuse me when I burp!” Or in her finer moments, “Excuse me when I toot!” We’re kind of fanatical with the girls around here about their manners. Unfortunately […]

Walk the Line

[rate 4] Before this movie the only thing I knew about Johnny Cash is what I’d read in my sister’s beat-up copy of “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” (1976) by Spire Christian Comics. I believed every scene in Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon’s performances. The movie doesn’t add anything new to the music bio formula but it moves along at a […]


[rate 2] So much potential. Wasted. Why, Jodi, why? The premise is very cool. The plane is so big. Jodi is convincing – she’s assertive, smart, she wants her daughter back, now, dangit. All of the flight attendants and passengers (and supercreepy SEAN BEAN, for goodness’ sake!) look sufficiently creepy, so that’s kind of fun to wonder if any of […]

Adopt-a-Cheetah (in your home?)

KT came bolting into the office last night clutching her copy of this month’s National Geographic: Kids saying, “Mother! Look at this!”  She showed me an ad for the Cheetah Conservation Adopt-a-Cheetah program. I said, “they don’t put the cheetahs in your house, honey. They use the money to take care of the animals at their place,” which I probably […]

I Do Doodle