Koresh, “airhead” and “tantalizer”

Koresh, “airhead” and “tantalizer”

…I saw the Koresh stuff on TV yesterday but I didn’t understand what had happened until I read my paper this morning. Unbelievable! It made me so sad. The paper also said Clinton’s taking heat for it.

There was a picture of Al Gore Gaping during the holocaust ceremony in Warsaw. He doesn’t ever close his mouth, does he? I don’t like him either. Ever since I read that interview of Gore and Quayle I’ve liked Quayle much better and Gore much less.

I taught Okaasan a new word: Air Head. She wanted to know how to say a certain Japanese word which now escapes me, but she wanted to describe my losing your bracelet, which she said was really beautiful, by the way. Literally, “air head” is translated as kooki atama. She thought the term was great and Obasan promised to remember it and thanked me profuseley for teaching her English. Arigatoo Gozaimasu.

I don’t have a Japanes phrase this time but I an tell you one of the many phrases on my Snoopy ironing board.


Wear it three different ways!

I don’t know what is meant by this.

The yen is supposed to stay at the 105-115 range for a few months, and airline fares are supposed to stay low, but that may not include trans-Pacific.

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